Intern cylinder

The welding machineries, unique in Europe, allow us to use metal sheets with a length of 11 meter to realize an internal cylinder in the tank without any circumferential welding.

Internal Polishing

It is possible, using a specific equipment, to polish mechanically the internal part of the tank even after assembling all the stainless steel components (bottoms, bulkheads, hatches, foot valves and so on.)


The insulation material is produced in our production unit, we purchase chemical products and employ technical precautions to obtain a density of the polyurethane that guarantees a long lasting isothermal capacity of the tank.


Covering material is made following our instructions to assure a better resistance to cleanser and atmospheric agents.


Pipes and equipments are manufactured with certified materials, according to the international regulations (UNI, ISO) and our technicians accurately check the process before the installation. Periodically, the efficiency of the equipments and the efficacy of the constructive procedures are subjected to accurate tests to confirm the qualitative standard of our tanks.